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The Midnighters are involved in various events during the year, beginning with the Monster Jam at the Alamo Dome in San Antonio, each January..

Midnight four wheelers 20th Anniversary


The Midnighters celebrated their 20th anniversary at Trees Ranch, in July 2008. Great turnout, kickass wheeling, and a fantastic raffle.

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Mnmstoy pictiures are here

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Monster Jam 2008


The Midnight Fourwheelers were once again out in force to help Support the Monster Jam 2008 show at the Alamo dome in San Antonio. Everyone worked hard, had fun and got to watch a great show.

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Big Shell Fishing tourney - Sept 2007

Bigshell 2007

We all met up around the 40 mile marker on friday and friday night. Spent the day fishing and swimming. had a great time. Mid-day Saturday, Python and family headed further down the beach to the "cut" and on his first cast he caught the tourney winner. a 42" Red fish. Way to go Python.

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Cowboy homecoming parade 2007, Plesanton, Texas

Cowboy Homecoming Parade 2007

Midnight Fourwheelers were out in force for the Cowboy Homecoming parade this year. We had a great turnout and the folks just loved seeing all the rigs and getting up close. Our Club had a great time and Would like extend a warm thanks to the city of Pleasanton for the invitation.

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Fiesta Texas, Aug 2007

Several of the Midnight Fourwheelers gathered together for a day at Fiesta Texas in San Antonio. We all had a great time, rode lots of the rides and had a good lunch provided by the club. Thanks to Midnight Crawler for organizing the event.

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19th anniversary Run 2007 Trees Ranch








Read the Trail report and comments here

See the rest of the anniversary Run pictures

Monster Jam 2007










Midnighters Halloween party 2006











Midnight Anniversary Run 2006 - Trees Ranch

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Chilli Challenge, Las Cruces, NM 2006

Some Pics

Richards Pics











Rough Canyon 2006, Del Rio, Texas











Monster Jam 2006












Poker Run, Summer 05








The Midnighters have at least one event per month. Poker Runs, Wrench -a-thons, as well as runs to Satan's Playground, Mason, Trees Ranch, BMRA at Gilmer, Tx. The picture above is from our last poker run. Gladiator was the big winner with the recovery kit and trophy. 2nd Place went to Chaparro Mike, 3rd went to our guest Modify.




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