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Texas Twister 08 - Trees Ranch


Trail Report by S.A.K-5

Some of the new trails we ran included turkey run, stairway to heaven, wendys crack all in the front of ranch, more new trails in rear of ranch are hot and juicy ,cocos corner and one I cant remember. Some fun trails like cork screw and flaming v put a beating on the rigs but we did very little winching with River Rat spanking all the trails. The rat ran great with the fuel injection, my junk got overheated to the point my electric fan melted and all the rigs hit mid 240-250 degrees on some obsticles. The Midnighters crew ran a total on 14 trails on sunday (a few twice) and still in camp at 4pm . was a great time with good food and better friends.



Chilli Challenge 2007 - Las Cruces, NM


Trail Report by Midnight Crawler:

Wednesday, February 21st

Midnighter's headed out on Wednesday morning from San Antonio around 7:00 am and headed West to Las Cruces. From San Antonio we had River Rat, Darlene, Shutdown, Mudaholic, Carlos, David, Bowtie, Janie, Tabita, Dott, Almarez, Vincent, Midnight Crawler, Lynne's Toy, Richie, Chaparro Mike, and Valine. Redneck-No_How and John Sena were already in Las Cruces. Gladitor, Jennifer and Lucas made it on Thursday morning. Our Dallas group left at 6:00 am and we had Bobby, Hardline, Chris and Ryan. We stopped for Lunch in Fort Stockton and Midnight Crawler had to change all four valve stems on tires. After an hour delay we continued on our journey and meet up with the Dallas group in Van Horn at around 3:30 pm. After our hello's we refueled and headed west to El Paso. We encounted some traffic in El Paso and arrived at the Las Cruces Fair Grounds around 7:00 PM. Everyone inspected their rigs and registered for the trails. At around 8:00 pm everyone joined at the Motel 6 and got settled in for the night.

Thursday, February 22nd

After breakfast at various locations, everyone re-grouped at the fair grounds to discuss our days plans. Our trail for the day was Racotillo Rapids (One of the most extreme trails), and we were all ready to line up at 8:30 am. We all headed out from the West corner of the fair grounds as a group and lined up at our stage area. It was an impressive site, we have a total of 13 rigs and all were on trailers with tow rigs. As we lined up, to our suprise, Bobby with the Dallas group introduced Jenna, a photographer/editor with CRAWL Magazine and she was going to ride with us for some possible magazine coverage. After some brief introductions we headed out at 9:00 am to our trail. After a 20 minute drive we arrived at the air down area and began unloading rigs. Everyone lined up and our trail leader introduced himself and we were off on our journey. We headed out on Racotillo Rapids and we twisted and climbed our way through a series of waterfalls. We had many obsticals but our group met the challenge and only a few had to winch. The group did well and represented, but we held back somewhat not to break on our first day out. We traveled too far to cut it short. We headed back out to the fair grounds around 5:30 pm and did some minor welding and wrench on rigs to prepare for Friday's trails. After some wrenching we headed back to the Hotel and had dinner.

Friday, February 23rd

After breakfast, everyone met at the fair grounds again and our trail for the day was Tabasco Twister. We all group the the same corner of the fair ground's and headed to our line at 7:30 am and again the Crawl Magaine photographer joined us. After a short drive we unloaded and met with the trail leader and we ready to hit the trail at 9:30 am. This trail has a long sciencic trail ride up and down to the main section. Once we arrived at the first play area we all gave it our best some taking different approaches to test their rigs. Everyone surived and put on a good show. We headed to the first waterfall and Harline rolled his Zuki's on its lid trying to climb the right side of a steep ledge. Plenty of pics taken, so we should see them posted later. One by one everyone else took the original route and we moved up to the another waterfall. We continued to the third waterfall and Bobby (Dallas) a V-notch to the right and climbed it without incident. Chris followed and made it look easy. Hardline was next and put his Zuki on it's side as his driver side tire dropped into the notch. Chaparro Mike put it on his driver side. Lynne's Toy put it on its driver side and she took a little seatbelt rash to her neck, but was okay. Midnight Crawler followed and right into the same notch and over on his driver side. River Rat laid it over as well. Bowtie was next to lay it over. Almarez, Mudaholic, Gladitor, John Sena all made it up. Well after all that action we continued on and I let Richie drive and he made it up two nice ledges. I think the Crawl magazine photographer got some shots of him. He made me and mom proud. I think he takes after his mom on his driving. Well there were about 3-4 more smaller waterfalls we had to master, but as we got to the end of the trail at 6:00 pm our trail leader informed us we still had a few others with smaller rigs still coming up behind us. A 50-60 mph wind guss started about 2:00 pm, but being down in the canyon, we didn't realize how strong winds were. We moved up the canyon and waited till around 8:00 pm for the other to come up and after freezing we headed back to our tow rigs. We loaded up and arrived at the fair grounds at 9:00 pm to find out we missed our BBQ dinner. We all headed different ways to get something to eat and off to bed we went.

Saturday, February, 24th

We all re-grouped at our normal corner of the fair grounds and again headed out to the staging area for Habenero Falls. This day we only had our group and two other rigs. We headed out to the trails and by 9:30 we were off. As we snaked our way down the canyon we had some close lay overs, but everyone recovered well. We headed out to a ledge about 4 feet tall and we proceeded to climb. Chris had his passenger side four-link arm break and his driveshaft damage his t-case/transmission. Everyone pitched in and about 2 hours of strapping everything in place we winched him up and prepared him for the trip back to the tow rigs. This trail is a short trail and it is normally done by 1:00 pm. We finished winching Chris jeep at about 4:00 up to the road leading out of the trails. The last few tried what was probably the largest ledge for the weekend. Shutdown and David successully climbed it in John Sena rig with a close roll over. Midnight Crawler, Dott, River Rat, Mudaholic, Bowtie also climbed it. Everyone gather and we headed out to the tow rigs. After about a 3 hour ride, we made it back to the trailers at 7:00 pm and off to the fair grounds and we ate dinner at 8:00 pm. We all missed the drawings since we were out late, but dinner was good. We all headed back to the hotels.

Sunday morning:

Some left earlier than others, but most of everyone left at 9:00 am headed back home. Other than a flat tire and possible transmission problems, everyone made it home safe. I typed this to the best of my knowledge and I know I didn't get everything, too much to type. It was hard to be everywhere at all times, so some of the information posted is based on what I thought I heard. I hope I didn't miss anyone or mis represent anything, if so, please feel free to add or correct.

Thanks to everyone for making this trip happen for us all. Midnight Four Wheelers, AustinK5 and ZukiCralwers represented Texas well. It is great to have close community of freinds to enjoy life finer thing with. Till the next trail....

Midnight Crawler

Bowtie's Pictures

Valeen's Pictures

D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. Pictures



Rough Canyon IV

March 2004

By Bowtie

Day 1 - Consists of the check in and poker run on friday. poker run was cool and pretty much was set up to kill some time friday. with the majority of the check points being hill climbs. awards for the top three highest hands were handed out saturday night and it turned out that Isidro (River Rat's son) took first place. that got him a high lift jack and a 1st place trophy.
Friday night was a busy night for Mike, he was putting things back together for some that had problems earlier in the day. the worst was the red yj that had a spring over that needed to be redone. after so many hours and plenty of drinks he was set up ready for saturday's events. After that it was back to the fire for some bull shittin' and drinking when we got word that a bronco was out on the trail with a broken center pin on his rear leaf spring, so we went out to see if we could lend a hand and put him back together, by the time we made it to where they were they were putting the Bronco back together. that pretty much ended the night.

Day 2 - was the actual Rough Canyon run. with about 70+ vehicles broken up into about 3-4 groups we headed out to tho other side of the ranch. The run was fun and offered some challenges to the rigs that were in our group, nice rocky trails and steep rock ledged climbs put some rigs to the limits. which in turn took out some parts. Gabe busted a 30 spline outer shaft form his d60, Delta took out a u-joint on the front driveshaft, Randy took out an inner axle shaft in his front 10 bolt, Chris wiped out two vavle stems, Bobby shattered a u-joint on his rear driveshaft, and Isidro had a cracked rear leaf spring hanger. I'm almost certain that I left out some stuff but that pretty much sums it up for the weekend.

here are the pics http://www.texasoffroad.net/galleries/members/roughcanyon

Chili Challenge 2005


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Rough Canyon - 2005

Del Rio

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Poker Run - The Den, May 2005


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Katemcy Rocks, June 11th and 12th


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